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2003-07-06 | 6:14 p.m.
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Ok, so I keep seeing these .... and I like 'em, so I'm stealing the idea. There is no such thing as an original idea after all....

All about me

1. I don't mind stealing ideas, but I think you should turn around and make them your own. I'll probably stop at some bizarre number like 132.

2. I have flaming red hair.

3. People always say my oldest son looks just like me, but he doesn't. He looks EXACTLY like his dad, only with my hair.

4. My kids' nicknames are "Bubbi" and "Binky." What was I thinking?

5. I've already been married twice, but I'm still optimistic most of the time.

6. I don't really understand how computers work. As long as I type and the output is what I want, I'm happy.

7. I love to take pictures, but I'm not particularly good at it.

8. Irony of ironies, I take pictures for a living.

9. My comfort food is meatloaf and mashed potatoes.

10. My bank account is currently overdrawn.

11. I don't like birthday cake, but I do like birthdays.

12. I'm a rape survivor, two times over.

13. I quit smoking but fell off the wagon, and can't seem to get back on.

14. I've been sober over 10 years.

15. I grew up on a farm, then went to college in the second largest city in America.

16. I love thunderstorms, but am afraid of lightning.

17. I can enjoy any kind of music, but I'm generally not crazy about Rap.

18. Sometimes we call Mikey "Spiderman."

19. I've just found out that this is going to be harder than I thought it would be.

20. I know the difference between real Mexican food and the kind they try to pass off in the Deep South.

21. I used to LOVE Jack Daniels. Doubles, on the rocks.

22. I can still tell you what that banner on the front of the Budwieser can says.

"This is the famous Budwieser beer ..... etc."

23. When I memorized it, I thought it was cool.

24. Now I know that it meant it was time to quit drinking!

25. I like to lift weights, but hate aerobic exercise.

26. I'm pretty much sure that I'm always right.

27. I read Stephen King for fun.

28. I think "Order of the Phoenix" is boring so far.

29. I never could play basketball, but taught my sister to be the lay-up queen. (How does THAT work?)

30. My second Ex-husband owes me around Ten Thousand Dollars that I'll never see again.

31. I was an X-files fanatic until it got boring at the end.

32. I've got most of the first 8 seasons on video-tape.

33. I'll buy them on DVD if the price ever comes down.

34. I've just figured out that I'll probably get hits from bizarre google searches.

35. For some reason, it's strangely important to me that people read this stuff and enjoy it.

36. My mother has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia, and now lives with me.

37. I haven�t managed to potty train either kid before the age of 3.

38. So far I haven�t managed to teach Matthew to tie his shoes either. But it's not for lack of trying.

39. I like broccoli ...

40. But I hate the way microwave popcorn smells.

41. I wish I hadn't gotten married the second time.

42. I hate bad traffic and large crowds.

43. I'm afraid to go to the bathroom in the dark. (What bizarre turn of events in childhood brings on THAT particular phobia, do ya suppose?)

44. I love being pregnant.

45. I think raising my kids to be good adults is the most important thing I'll ever do.

46. I'm crummy at helping with homework, but I try.

47. I love to shoot video in a gentle rain.

48. I'm a news junkie.

49. I've been buying cheap fresh flowers for the house every week at the grocery store, and think it's a good investment.

50. I'm addicted to Yankee Candles.

51. I collect Treasured Bovines, but they don't make them any more.

52. My grandmother collected teacups, they are mine now and I love them.

53. I love being "Mrs. Fix-it."

54. I've asked for a Dremmel Moto-Tool for Mothers Day, my Birthday, and Christmas every year for about 10 years now. Seems the family thinks I'm kidding.

55. I'm a horrible housekeeper.

56. I can't really cook either.

57. I just decided that everyone should make their significant others do one of these ..... Look at how much you can learn about somebody else, not just by facts, but by reading between the lines.

58. I love the way Jeff smells, even when he's technically "stinky."

59. Snakes creep me out. I can't even watch them on TV.

60. I've learned the hard way that at the end of the day I've only got one person I can count on .... and it's ME.

61. I want to have at least one other person to lean on, and am working toward that goal.

62. I have trust issues.

63. I want to be a little old lady with a husband that I've been with for years to snuggle up to in the middle of the night when I get cold.

64. I doubt my own ability to achieve that.

65. If I had to have plastic surgery to change one thing on my body, it would be my nose. Or my pot-belly, the jury's still out.

66. I don't REALLY mind the belly all that much, you get it when you have kids .... so you can look at it as a badge of honor.

67. I think the same thing about my stretch marks and not so perky anymore breasts........

68. I wish Mark would stand still long enough for us to serve him with the divorce papers.

69. I think it's just plain tacky that he doesn't want to be married to me but is making this more difficult than it has to be.

70. Sometimes I have an overwhelming desire to run out and tell other women .... "Beware of Disc Jockeys named Coyote. He'll take you for all you've got, cheat on you, and then run out on you. But first he'll tell you that it'll be different this time, because you're special." Oh, yeah - I'm sure he'll tell you that I'm crazy too. Takes one to know one.

71. I think I just did exactly that.

72. I used to want to be rich, now I'd just settle for being out of debt.

75. The most disappointed I've ever been in myself was for cheating on a significant other. (Don't worry honey, this part is ancient history.)

76. I made a promise to myself to never do that again, and I've kept it. I intend to keep on keeping it.

77. I've never had a diamond ring.

78. I will have one, even if I have to buy it for myself.

79. I will no longer settle for men who don't measure up to my expectations.

80. I'm realistic enough to know that 79 doesn't have to be met 24/7, just in the big picture.

81. I hate BOTH my jobs. But they pay the bills.

82. I loved BOTH of the careers that I had to give up for Mark.

83. I love 3 hour long naps.

84. If it has pollen, spores, fur or feathers .... I'm allergic to it.

85. I can forecast the weather with the pain level in my knees.

86. I'm among the 90 percent of the population with cellulite.

87. I like it when Jeff takes me to work and picks me up, it makes me feel special.

88. I was WWWWWAAY to excited to make someone else's favorite diaries list.

89. Right now we're watching Spongebob Squarepants.

90. I think Spongebob rocks.

91. I'm a History Channel geek.

92. I'm into Arthurian legend.

93. I'd like to know who I was in a former life, but am afraid that it was some peasant somewhere.

94. If I had lived during the inquisition I would have been executed as a witch.

95. I've found that once you get rolling on this list it's not that hard after all.

96. I want to be thin, but HATE feeling pressured to be that way.

97. I don't equate thin with healthy.

98. I�m afraid of dying alone.

99. I�m more afraid of dying before my kids are old enough to fend for themselves.

100. I�m proud of how my kids are turning out so far. They aren�t perfect, but they�re going to be darned nice men if they keep it up.

101. I love having sons.

102. I�d like a daughter, but am not sure I�d know how to raise one.

103. Actually I�d have a whole passel of kids if I could afford them.

104. I occasionally do the happy dance in public.

105. I think it�s funny when people give me strange looks when I do it.

106. I love good ol� fashioned blues.

107. I sleep with a pillow I�ve had since I was a baby.

108. It�s been recovered at LEAST three times.

109. I don�t own a full length mirror.

110. I love block cheese.

111. If I ever see another stuffed coyote it�ll be too soon.

112. We have a pet turtle named �Seashell.�

113. I need to clean her tank.

114. I�d like to have a fireplace in my bedroom.

115. If I won the lottery, I�d buy Jeff his own pool table.

116. But I�d do it AFTER I called my lawyer and said �Get me divorced already!�

117. I�d live in a shack with holes in the floor if it was on the beach with sand on the porch.

118. I�d insure it so when a hurricane blew it away I could build one with no holes in the floor ...... LOL

119. I hate Vanilla Coke, but like Diet Vanilla Coke.

120. �The Ring� was the scariest movie I ever saw.

121. I refuse to drink milk.

122. I don�t eat breakfast.

123. I�m not sure I�m going to make it to 132.

124. I put a canopy over my bed.

125. I love pulling it shut when I sleep.

126. I have super, super bad PMS.

127. Fortunately they can medicate that now.

128. Jeff way too cute when he first wakes up.

129 Waking me up suddenly is a great way to meet my dark side.

130. The safest way to wake me up is gently, with a cup of coffee in your hand.

131. I finally made the switch to chunky heels, and now the skinny ones are back in style. (Good thing I kept all those, huh?)

132. See I told you I�d stop at 132!

Yeah, yeah, so I was reaching by the time I got to the end. Hopefully you�ve learned something about me and had a chuckle or two.

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