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2003-07-04 | 6:53 a.m.
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The famous Leslie Irene has added her review site "Rare Silk" to the offerings out there. Whoooo hoooooo! Thanks Renee' for saying wonderful things about me. Final Score: 94/100 = The Emerald Ring

Yea! Another good review! I'm feeling so validated now... you have to read it yourself, but Kathy did a very thorough job, and even read every entry! Final Score: 140/160

Diary-Viewer Did better than I thought I would, although still not fantastic. Good attitude, more interested in helping you have a good diary than in ripping you to shreds. Final Score 84/100 Re-review Remeber how I said I didn't think a teenage girl could relate to me? This one proves it. Didn't get my sense of humor, eaither.... BAH! However, she did have some very valid technical points, which I'm working on. Final Score 2nd Time 79/100

Wow .... oh freakin' wow. Check these guys out.... They meet all the "picky" criteria! DivaMel did a great job of pointing out some things that need to be fixed, without making me feel like an idiot. Final score: 165/200

Holy cow! Betterthnu snuck in a review while I wasn't looking! Double holy cow Batman! I scored a 19/20, get to join the ring, and am the first member of the hall of fame at the new site. Wow .... Just, wow. Rachel even made this cool button just for me. Final Score: 19/20

**Gasp** I've applied to be reviewed by a guy! Feeling brave I guess. LOL - Ok I'm feeling sooooo validated right now! Another good one yea!!!!!!! Final Score: Estimated Percentage 96%

Our-views Wow, this was worth the wait! Thanks Jo, stop by anytime. Final Score: 99/100 - Whoooo hooooo!


They have these cool buttons for links! Seriously, they sound honest and constructive.

Ah, yes.... very good. **G**

snapereviews This looks like a fun one!

the-attic A grown-up and a mom. We'll see what happens!

critiques The latest in a long line of waiting for a review.

My Favorite Reads

augustdreams This girl is a hoot!

melwadel If you like AugustDreams, you'll like Mel too. They are completely different people, but with a similar sense of humor.

lintpickle Hey, if you'll name yourself "Lintpickle" I'll put you on the list for the sheer hell of it.

drunkencynic Wow - great stuff!

smoog What happens when you take a grad level vocabulary and add razor sharp wit? You end up with the Eye of Smoog, that's what.

ergoatlas Married life from the husband's point of view.

golfwidow Good for a hearty chuckle anytime!

You Can Find Me Here

You know you HAVE to join "Frozen Kiss!"

randomlistTime to get my name out there. Check out this site. It just looks sooooooo cool!

[ Registered ] Diarist.net is a worldwide directory of online journals.

prosa A place to show off your banners! Go forth and submit!

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